2016 Race Timing Problem Corrected

FYI, A participant notified our Race Director Max Furek that he thought the official timing was about 10 seconds off. Max notified “Second Wind Race Timing” who investigated and reported back via the email copied below.

Hello Max,
I’ve done some investigating, and I do agree, there was discrepancy, of 11 seconds on the finish times. This effected all of the runners/walkers. We’ve made the change, and the online results are now corrected.

I can give you a quick summary of what happened. I can’t explain why, but when the system pulled down the gps ‘time of day’ on the 2 separate systems, one time was ahead of the other.

Shortly after the start of the race, I realized the 2 timing boxes had read different ‘gps times’, I did a recalibration of the gps time on the 2nd box, and after that, both boxes were in sync. They were in sync well before the 1st finisher, so I thought all would be well.

The problem, that you see in the times, is because the start time did not automatically recalibrate, and the time that went into the software was from the 2nd timing box.

I was able to find data where the start time was 11 seconds off of my computer’s time., so that said we will update everyone’s time with this 11 second difference.

My apologies for this discrepancy… I do appreciate you bringing it to my attention, and the opportunity to make the corrections.

Talk to you soon,


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