Invasive Species

 Help! Aliens are attacking the Susquehanna Warrior Trail (SWT)!

Non-native “alien” invasive plants, such as Multiflora Rose, Japanese Knotweed, and Mile-a-Minute weed, threaten the SWT and the native plants and animals that live in the trail’s surrounding habitat.

Multiflora Rose

Multiflora Rose

Invasive plants:

  • Impact recreation, by becoming overgrown along the trail
  • Overtake and replace native vegetation used by wildlife
  • Reduce native biodiversity along the trail
  • Choke out desirable trees and shrubs
  • Negatively impact the ecosystem

    Mile a Minute

    Mile a Minute

We need your help:

  • To ensure everyone can continue to enjoy the SWT
  • To ensure native plant and animal species can thrive in the natural areas along the trail

If you love the SWT, and would like to help fight off these “alien” attackers, please consider joining the Susquehanna Weed Warriors!

Please email if you’d like to volunteer.

(Species identification and removal training will be provided)


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